Léo Andrès

Once upon a time there was an artist who saved people from their lives.

Black and white picture of my friend Nicolas and myself at the Notown Festival in 2016.
πŸ“· Picture by my friend Mathias Auster.

πŸŽ“ PhD student at OCamlPro and LMF working on WebAssembly.
🐫 Program in OCaml β€” the only good system is a type system.
🌐 Involved in alternative hosting and free software β€” the only good system is a decentralized system.
🎺 Play the piano, interested in music theory, listen to jazz and metal, support free parties β€” the only good system is a a sound system.
♀️ I'm not AndrΓ© LΓ©o because she died way before I was born and thus we never met!
βš”οΈ I'm not LΓ©o AndrΓ©s (a photographer in Paris) because an e-acute is not an e-grave ; he's alive and fun fact: he was the photographer of the Sorbonne's Choir & Orchestra while I was part of it.